For past 30 years Carel is offering innovative solutions and services in the filed of humidification and microprocessor control. Carel offers complete range of products and services for both Isothermal & Adiabatic humidification systems.

Around the world and Middle East we has solved critical humidity problems in,

  • Food Processing Industry
  • Hospitals
  • Defence
  • Printing
  • Agriculture /Green House
  • Hi-tech Micro chip Manufacturing
  • Museums
  • Photography
  • Wood Working

What is Humidity?

The presence of moisture in the air, defined as atmospheric humidity.

It is essential for our existence; and yet it is frequently ignored, as our body is much more sensitive, for example, to temperature or wind speed.

However, a lack of humidity in the atmosphere has harmful effects for the reproduction and the conservation of life.

We all suffer, without realising, the effects of an insufficient level of humidity: take for example the electric discharges (static electricity) when touching synthetic garments or door handles, especially when walking on carpets or synthetic flooring.
Food quickly loses its firmness, suppleness and weight, to the detriment of consumers and, most of all, traders.
Works of art and wooden furniture suffer harmful cracks and rapidly degrade if the space they are housed in is heated in winter without appropriate humidification.
Inadequate humidity levels, with significant economic repercussions, negatively affect many industrial processes a well-known fact among specialists.

What is relative humidity?
It’s the ration of moisture present in air at certain temperature, to the maximum capacity of air to take in moisture at that temperature.

What is humidification?
Adding of water in air to increase its moisture content is called humidification. There are two different procedures that can be applied to increase the degree of moisture in the air:

Isothermal humidification
In Isothermal humidification process, the water vapour is dispersed in the environment after having been created by boiling water. The process requires the contribution of external source of energy to change the state of water. As the temperature of water vapour is higher than that of air, the air temperature tends to increase.

Adiabatic humidification

Adiabatic process does not involve the contribution of thermal energy form external source: the water is finely atomized and introduced into environment. The heat required to vaporise is taken air, which is consequently cooled.

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