Centralized Vacuum Cleaning System

Let Your loved once Breath Clean and Fresh Air.

Conventional Vacuum Cleaning Puts Back the Dust in your Room; We Remove it 100%.


  • Maximal hygiene and cleanness

  • Comfort, safety and easy to use

  • No need of carry dusty vacuum machine around the room. Just plug the hose in socket and clean.

  • Saves you time up to 50% during your cleaning. The saved time can be devoted to more agreeable activities!

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The central vacuum cleaning systems by Disan for commercial properties (hotel, restaurants, offices, shops, etc.) are the company's pride and they are the result of a long experience in this sector. The solutions for dust elimination are various and go from the small town house to the huge touristic complex of 800 rooms and 25 story's skyscraper.


  • High hygienic standard

  • Modular configuration for many operators working simultaneously

  • Easy to use on every kind of surface, rapid work, cost reduction for cleaning

  • Ready to use without limits of time

  • Easy elimination of dust and minimal maintenance

  • Vacuum of liquids and ash with separate attachments

  • Covering any and all businesses

  • Disan's long established expertise in central vacuum cleaning system

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