Dust and Fume Extraction for Increased Productivity and a Cleaner Work Environment

Clean air and a dust-free environment in the workplace not only boosts your company’s productivity, but also protects your machinery and equipment. We can provide you with everything from compact industrial vacuum cleaners, dust or fume collectors to large central dust and fume extraction systems.

Mobile Dust Extractors:

  • Mobile units for versatile use
  • Suitable for all types of dust
  • Low operating costs
  • Award winning cleaning technology
  • Available with test certification



Stationary Dust Extractors:

  • Available in all sizes
  • With all types of filters
  • Wet separators for fluid recovery
  • Suitable for problematic dust types
  • Powerful extraction at single or multiple workstations


Mobex Series:

The MOBEX dust collectors are designed for powerful extraction at individual workstations as well as a central dust collection system for multiple extraction locations. Depending on the type of filter system the MOBEX units can be used for different types of dust, chips or welding fumes. Each model is available in two powerful configurations. The compact design and particularly the low operating noise permit positioning of the units directly at the extraction locations. With all models the filter elements are cleanable thereby ensuring low operating costs. For utmost mobility each unit is equipped with openings at the bottom for transport with a forklift.



Industrial Vacuum Cleaners:

  • For continuous operation
  • For extraction of dust from hand-held tools
  • For flood water clean-up
  • Patented disposal system
  • Wide variety of accessories



Weld Fume Filters:

  • Complete capture of smoke and fumes
  • Optimal filtration of smoke particles
  • Easy filter maintenance

Mobile weld fume filters for all types of metalworking applications and portable weld fume filters for construction sites and installation applications are available in more than 30 different model variants. ESTA weld fume filters are also suitable for extraction at multiple workstations.



Extraction Fans and Extraction Arms:

  • RG extraction fans are available in eight different sizes
  • Articulated extraction arms with exterior mounted hardware
  • Availability of more than 200 different types of extraction arms

Custom-designed and specialized extraction solutions
ESTA extraction arms and extraction fans are widely known for their high quality, reliability and ease of operation. We can offer you a product range of over 200 standard versions of extraction arms.

In addition, we can custom design our equipment to fit your individual needs and special applications.



Central Extraction System Components:
Dust, chips, smoke, vapours and other contaminants that are generated during production processes can be extracted at any point throughout the duct installation of a central extraction system. The duct system carries the extracted particles and pollutants to a cyclonic filter, where they are separated and filtered out of the air stream.

This is where ESTA’s technology and experience really show: Our staff of experts will find individual solutions for the dust or fume extraction requirements of our customers and implement them for utmost efficiency. Years of experience provide the knowledge base at ESTA to offer the best possible solutions for a wide range of applications. Many satisfied customers will be happy to attest to this fact.


Company ESTA’s installation teams ensure the timely completion of installations of turn-key central extraction systems and the necessary components, such as duct systems and inlet ports for each workstation ready for use.

First, a visit from our qualified sales engineers will be arranged on site at the customer’s production facility. During the visit, the requirements of the particular application will be discussed and the necessary information will be gathered to provide a quotation that is tailored specifically to the customer’s needs.

To be prepared for all eventualities during the installation in the field and to ensure a smooth completion of the project, all of our
projects are designed and laid out utilizing 3D and CAD-imaging programs.

These examples will show you a small selection of our customer references. If you would like to find out whether any of our customers are located near you please contact us. We will be glad to find a customer that is closest to you and try to arrange an appointment for you to visit their company and see ESTA dust or fume extraction equipment in action in their production. Please also visit our website menu Extraction Systems under the heading “Industry Solutions” for additional application examples at plant locations of ESTA customers.

Philip Morris
In the tobacco industry, this central extraction system was installed at several levels. The tobacco dust is deposited directly in the disposal container.

Fairchild Dornier
The plant of an airplane manufacturer located in Oberpfaffenhofen, in South Germany, was equipped with a system for dust extraction and for general cleaning tasks.

At this waste-to-energy plant, a system was installed for cleaning tasks in the plant, whereby the dust is collected directly into “Big-Bags”.

On the roof of a production facility, multiple extraction systems were installed that meet the highest standards and requirements.