Measure what is measurable, and make Measurable what is not so. (Galileo Galilei)
Working hand in hand with…
industry and contractors
Tomorrow’s success always requires a reflection back on yesterday: Testo’s first manufacturing success was the development of the first electronic clinical thermometers worldwide, which had been engineered exclusively for medical applications. With its success came the subsequent development of add on products, each manufactured to meet the needs of specific industry applications. For instance, Testo has been and continues to be the key market supplier of temperature sensors and other products for the metal industry.
Testo further adapted to new demands arising from industry needs for process documentation in accordance with ISO 9000. We developed the first comprehensive range of portable measuring instruments for process optimization and control. As additional measuring parameters emerged, Testo met the challenge with new and innovative technology and established our reputation as the leader in handheld instrumentation superiority.

In addition, we made a successful entry into the European HVAC industry with time saving flue gas measuring instruments. With the introduction of mandatory measurement in several European countries and now the US, the contractors, together with industry, have become Testo’s most important customer groups. Today, there is practically no limit to the number of applications that Testo instruments are used for around the world. Professionals rely on Testo meters to help them work Smarter, not Harder in the field, and on the job everyday.

...for comfort, health and the protection
of the environment

Rugged, portable measuring instruments for heating, air conditioning

and refrigeration and the monitoring of food quality from farm to fork

Indoor Air Quality
Most of us spend more than 75% of our lives indoors: in houses, offices, workshops, schools etc. Depending on their geographic location, these facilities have to be properly heated, ventilated and/or air conditioned to provide the maximum level of comfort everyday. This requires the maintenance of heating and air conditioning equipment for optimum output and energy efficiency as well as the monitoring of CO, CO2, temperature, humidity and velocity measurements. IAQ professionals rely on Testo instruments for regular audits, maintenance and troubleshooting tasks. We provide the instruments that help them work Smarter not Harder, help you live more comfortably and help keep the environment clean.

Food quality
Testo monitors food quality from the farm to the fork. Testo’s line of food inspection equipment is ideal for storage, transportation, and preparation monitoring. Critical temperatures control the growth of bacteria and microbes in food. Regulations and litigations dictate the proper handling of commercially available food. Companies are required to monitor and record their adherence to these guidelines. Testo’s line of HACCP, food quality and data logging instruments reliably ensure food safety and help protect your company’s interests.
...assuring production quality and compliance
Customers of Testo are found in almost all branches of industry today. The

users are staff engaged mainly in the fields of quality assurance, production,

facility, management, laboratory, research and development…

Climate for Products
Testo’s high quality measurement tools provide dependable answers, when the question affects the quality of the job. Parameters, such as, temperature, humidity, flow and pressure are basic to most production processes. It is increasingly important to have reliable and accurate measurements to perform a good job, and Testo has the best!
The output quality of a product depends strongly on the environmental conditions in the stock or at the transportation again represented by selected parameters such as temperature and humidity. Testo instruments assure that these critical parameters are properly monitored and that they indicate even the slightest changes. With this information at hand, the operator can start corrective actions and thus assure ongoing quality.
A wide array of highly specialized instruments for spot checks are accompanied by a new line of data loggers, that provide ongoing information about critical production parameters.
Combustion gas analysis
At Testo we have two major goals in mind when we're developing our combustion and emission analyzers: The first is to save fuel with proper optimizations and tuning. The second is to minimize harmful and unnecessary emissions to protect our environment and improve our air quality. Testo analyzers have achieved more official recognition and approvals for testing than any other combustion analyzers on the market.

For optimum processes and a clean environment: Testo.